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We deliver on our promise of creating Signature Travel Experiences of a Lifetime.


We know that when dealing with demanding guests

Both in business and with family or friends, you want to provide only the best.

That is why we take a unique approach to build tailor made visits around Ecuador, working only with exclusive and qualified providers. Our team grants access to private housing, professional transportation, cultural events on demand, unique gastronomy, and full on luxury 24/7. Your special requirements are our priority; we make sure you treat your guests with excellence. As every event starts with a vision, we strive to make that vision come to reality. Within our service, we are present during every step of the planning process, brainstorming sessions, discussing potential themes and logistical advice.

macaws in clay lick in the peruvian Amazon jungle at Madre de Dios Peru


Private Events


María Judith Vergara

Rebeca Esposito

Juan Sebastián y Siroun

Estimados Dany y José Rubén: Quiero felicitarles por la perfecta organización del día sábado. Todo estuvo súper bien planificado. Gracias por la sugerencia de los guías-personajes. Nos mantuvieron súper entretenidos a niños y adultos. El trío buenazo! Jajaja nos hicieron bailar. Gracias a Dani por tu profesionalidad y eficiencia, pero sobre todo por tu calidad humana. Gracias a ti José Rubén por haber cuidado los detalles y con tu equipo haber organizado un día inolvidable para todos los que fuimos. Nos han llamado a agradecer y felicitar; y a todos les dimos sus contactos. Fuerte abrazo a los dos y hasta la próxima!

Thank you again for everything!!  You are so up all the time, I really felt the love and genuine care that you had for my family. You made it to be a great and memorable trip to remember for a lifetime.  Worth every penny!!

Thank you very much, our family and friends were delighted by the level of service. More than sure to work with you in the future and also recommend with other people and in the future not too distant even with clients.


“Ecuador is among the most exciting, diverse, breathtaking destinations on Earth.”

For over 25 years travelers from all over the world have been telling us… Our founder José Rubén plans and oversees all guest experiences. Born and raised in Ecuador, educated in the States and Europe, having traveled extensively throughout the world, for the last 30 years, José Rubén has been a leader in the travel experience and corporate adventure travel industry. Simply knows just about everyone and everything that has, is, or will be happening in the travel industry in Ecuador and Galapagos.

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